Blood donation, an easy task

I have been afraid of needles for most of my life. I couldn’t see a needle without becoming white and start laughing like a mad. Who knows me knows it. My mother always told me to donate blood, considering that my little brother, being haemophiliac, owes much to the blood and blood components donations. I remember that at some point I decided to donate, but then I haven’t found the courage to do it, because I was thinking at the donation as a long and painful process. But I couldn’t be more wrong! After two years since I moved in London, I decided to step forward and fight my fear. So I booked my first appointment for a blood donation and I attended. I must say I was first scared, but then, as soon as the needle the nurse injected the needle, the fear disappeared and I started to feel better, much better. Soon after that I discovered how fast it was: not even 5 minutes to fill that little bag. Easy! I couldn’t believe that something I feared so much, wasn’t bad at all. Understood how easy, painless and fast it is to donate blood, I decided to become a regular donor and so I kept giving blood.

During these past years, I have talked with many people, trying to persuade them to give blood, but unfortunately up today nobody of the persons with which I spoke actually donated blood. While I think that many of them simply don’t care, I also think that for sure some of them don’t do it just because, like me in the past, they are scared about the donation process. So I have decided to make this video and show how simple, easy, fast and painless it is the process of donating blood. My greatest hope is that someone, watching this video, would decide to try giving blood. Fingers crossed!

Some basic info: donating blood is immensely important as it is found that 25% of us will need blood at least once in our lifetime; only 4% of adults are currently donors, and each blood donation can save as many as three people. Yeah!

All the best

Giacomo Mantovani


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Video shot by Omer Kula
Editing and VFX by EXIV
Music: “I dunno” by grapes
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