“Mankind is the problem and need to be destroyed”.

This is the end of everything. Inside an old workshop at an unknown location, Duncan and Gunda have laboured to build a spe- cial weapon that can wipe humanity from the face of the planet. In “The Dark Side of the Mind”, two young talented actors em- body the never ending struggle between good and bad sides of the human mind. Duncan’s sentiments represent how man- kind thinks in its darkest moments while the weapon represents his ultimate annihilative solution; all within this 3 minute film, the latest work of the young and prolific Italian director Giacomo Mantovani (Adamant, Political Asylum, 2011).

This successful symbolic and intimate work has had 2 thousand likes in less than 5 days at the Virgin Media Short, one of the main short movie competitions in England awarding young talent all over the world and working with the BFI.

“I make movies to open minds, not to en- tertain”. This is the worthy and challenging aim of Giacomo Mantovani. Let’s wait for more from this award-winning director who has already proven to have both talent and a great amount of technical skill.