Plastic garbage – scourge of the seas


There is massive issue worldwide that the majority of the people is not considering, and this is the huge amount of plastic waste in the environment. The problem is that plastic is made to last, and indeed it last for a very long time. Plastic breaks in many tiny pieces, but it never disappear completely from the water. All of this little pieces keep breaking until they become so small that is no more possible to see them, but they are still there, contaminating the water.

Fishes, sea creatures and seabirds, they all eat this toxic materials, and eventually people eat them. So this is not safe for the creatures, this is not safe for us, this is not good for the environment, where plastic garbage increases the temperature of the seas and oceans, and this consequently have a strong impact to the global climate change.

Clearly, it’s difficult to find significant amount of plastic debris on the beaches in the hotel areas, as they constantly try to keep them clean, but is not the same for the ones in the wild areas, which look like landfills, plagued by any kind of plastic rubbish. The majority of this plastic comes every day with the tides, and there it will stay if no one is willing to collect it. These beaches are little diamonds of this wonderful island, and it’s a shame to see such beautiful places in this awful conditions.

Life in the seas does still exist, but it’s in real danger because of the unmerciful fishing and because of the massive amount of pollution in the water. Fishes eat this stuff and it’s very sad, as they deserve a better life as our children do. The entire world deserve to be in a better condition, and because we are responsible for this, we are the only solution.

Each time the sea gets rough, a lot of plastic trash arrive to the coasts, and this is a clear sign of how serious is this issue. It’s scary and deeply sad. And the problem does not affect only this island, it’s all around the world. And because you don’t see bottles on the beach, it doesn’t mean that plastic is not there. If you look better, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of tiny little pieces of plastic everywhere.

We need to do something about it now, we can’t wait no more. Personally, I don’t know what are the plans worldwide to clean the oceans and the seas, I don’t know what are the strategies to prevent plastic from reaching the water, but for sure I know that we can do something about it… so, once again, when you go to a natural place, when you go to the beach, always bring with you an empty bag, and collect as much rubbish as you can, so that later on it can be properly disposed and recycled.

We really owe this to ourselves, we owe it to the next generations, to all the living creatures of this world and to this wonderful planet.

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Giacomo Mantovani (Director / Producer)
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